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Business Education and Enlightenment for the Entrepreneur

The Goals and Objectives (GO) of AABI is to facilitate business education to the public and to support business creation, growth and development.

Most Black owned businesses, despite ambition and wonderful ideas, are doomed from the start. The major cause of Black Business Failure, next to lack of capital resources, is lack of Business knowledge, skill and expertise. It is our 'GO' to change this dynamic by providing the essential information, knowledge-base and skills that would support Black Business Success.

Drawing on the expertise of business leaders and educators we provide support through classes, workshops, lectures, seminars, forums, and consulting.

Our focus is especially tailored towards established business people and entrepreneurs.

AABI offers the essential business information and resources that you need whether you are starting a new business or are an established business.

Economic Development

Community Economic Development

Buy Black Strategies
Bank Black
Business Funding
Community Networking

Community Currency

Complimentary Currency
Time Banks

Business Nexus

AABI is host to:

Business History and Biography

Philosophy of Economic Freedom and Development

We examine the economic philosophy and actions of the following leader-theorist and educator-advocates:

Biography of Business Success

We examine the life of select individuals who have suceeded as business leaders:

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